Alex Nirta Photography

Canada is place of peace and beauty. Sometimes we forget to stop and take a moment to look at what our country has to offer. For Canada’s 150th birthday, I’m planning to showcase what our nation has to offer and say thank you. Canada has so much to offer visually and sometimes people forget that.

Culture Snap Photography

I am moved to reveal individual expression and vibrant community life by photographing street scenes, stage performers, and meaningful interactions of all kinds. Peak moments during public events and layered street scenes that hold tension between objects and symbols are what speak to me the most. Whether capturing taxi drivers in Toronto, or schools in Uganda, I hope to reveal something fresh that provides lasting value to those who engage with my images.

Maria Drazilov

Maria’s photographs are organic abstractions of the natural world experimenting with line, colour, and motion.

Robert Riley Photography

Its the little things I photograph. It’s not the big picture that gets me, it’s the small bits and pieces that make up the whole that I seem to find.