Painting / Works on Paper

Dale Evelyn Williams

Making art is always on my mind. I travel with a camera/sketchbook most of the time constantly banking images of what I want to create. I particularly love working with colour. I grew up in an era when most or all children were lead away from making their careers as artists. Times have changed. Though I have oil painted since I was ten years old, and am primarily self taught, I am now seeking additional direction and education in drawing and painting at the Avenue Road School of Art.

Dave Rheaume Artist

The cold, the dark, the snow_Reflections gleaned from childhood memories of growing up in Ottawa haunt the atmospheric paintings Dave Rheaume creates today. Art Noir meets Alex Colville with a distinct cinematic edge; each work a single moody frame, seemingly clipped from a filmstrip, hinting at before and after stories that this narrator/artist leaves open for thought — Araballa Magazine, Winter 2014

Imam Azhari

Growing up in an artistic and military family in Indonesia, Imam learned at an early age how to balance discipline and creativity. In 2002 Imam moved to Toronto to pursue his career as an artist. With his cultural background, Imam developed an interested in creating illusion in his art, often combining humour, unusual objects and historical reference.

Ivan Schneider

It is my function as an artist to make the viewer see my way. My work is a birth of time and thought frozen on canvas. Manipulated from the original on-site sketches, into forms and colours that please. I feel art is not only for the eye; it is the result of an intellectual consideration. A painting is a painting. I do many paintings, leaving them for years and then discovering them and tearing out a form or colour combination which makes me excited. I’m not bound; I paint and enjoy the process.

JGT Original Artwork

My artwork is inspired by the mysterious wonders of the natural world and my childhood imagination. Live to Make Art / Make Art to Live.

Julie Glick

After I adopted my dog Micah in 2005, I decided to paint a series of works based on neighbourhood canines. That exhibition was so much fun and such a success that I thought I would be happy just painting dogs… Well it seems that the universe heard me; my commissioned pet paintings have been in demand ever since.

Much of my work could be considered functional pottery, but my intention is to create sculptures; works that often happen to be inspired by functional forms.

Kris Cvetkovic

My work is primarily abstract, and deals with concepts of cause and effect, whether on a macro or a micro level. I observe these patterns in nature and daily life, and then attempt to translate them onto a piece of canvas or paper. I create interwoven shapes either out of a multitude of vibrant colours, or one dominant colour, and then look for ways to merge them with other elements into cohesive patterns.

LEN: Democratic Purveyors of Fine Art & Beautiful Things

Local gallery/shop LEN will be featuring three artists currently showing work at LEN with the connection that they all work with different mediums and create Handmade products such as jewelry, clothing, objects, housewares, furniture, fine art, prints, and textiles. It is the collective’s goal to introduce finely made pieces that are not created in a factory far away. These locally made objects, have an inherent value not only to themselves but to the community where they are created and sold.