Pip Robins Accessories

For more than eight years, Pip Robins Accessories has been creating accessories for both men and women. Carefully designing classic items and constructing her collections from durable materials such as leather, vintage military surplus, and waxed canvas, Gillian Hyde is intent on making things that withstand the test of time and fashion trends, while still remaining current and desirable. Every item is made by hand, by Gillian, in small batches. The 2017 Pip Robins co


Rimanchik accessories come to life in the inspiring light of the brand’s spacious Montreal workshop, lovingly shaped by the hands of creators Sandra Singh and Victor Nolivos. These two globetrotting designers express their passion through tireless experimentation; their work reflecting stylish classicism and slick modernism in shapely blends of lines and textures. By exploring the realm of new mediums and geometric concepts, Rimanchik presents unique and original designs.