My passion and appreciation for the craftsmanship of jewellery started at a young age. My love for the art of the craft continually drives me to refine my skills and explore the endless possibilities that precious metals provide. My philosophy is to create distinctive pieces that showcase the simple beauty in raw metal and natural gemstones, while adding a modern twist. For me, there is no greater satisfaction than bringing my ideas to life in my work.

Anna Ruttan

I have been making and selling my stained glass jewelry in the GTA for more then twenty years. I also do commissioned pieces. We do festivals and art fairs throughout the GTA (mainly Toronto) and Niagara Region.

Bazant Unique Adornments

The 2016 collection is inspired entirely by Lara Bazant`s three-year-old son Max and his deep interest in outer space. Lara’s new fascination with the beauty of our universe grows exponentially alongside Max. Each piece is named collaboratively – reminding us to keep exploring and wondering, while remaining connected to the energy and people around us. New and notable for 2016: Orbit Wraps made with recycled leather from a local interior design firm.

Bella Grey

As an artistic experimenter, creative play and positive vision are the guiding force behind my organic jewellery style. Finding connections between the unique texture, shape and contour of each beach stone and fragmented paper image I use, results in whimsical, one of a kind creations inspired by colour, design and nature.

bumblebee jewelry

Beloved for its sense of whimsy and fanciful colours, bumblebee is fresh and modern, yet timeless. I believe my designs echo a part of myself and how I fit in, yet cannot express via any other medium; and I’m beyond grateful I discovered jewelry design, as nothing makes me happier. bumblebee eshews trends and aims to create pieces of timeless quality that will become a permanent part of each customer’s collection. There are no generic designs at my booth, something I am immensely proud of.

I.M. Wyred

I. M. Wyred, a collection of expertly knit wire bracelets, arm cuffs, necklaces and earrings in mixed metals and semi-precious stones. Founded by Irene McRae, the name is a combination of her name’s initials and that all of designs are inspired by wire. Along with knitted jewellery, I. M. Wyred also designs an array of eco conscience necklaces and earrings using tagua seeds, acai seeds, wood and recycled newspaper. Each piece of jewellery is made by hand locally in Toronto.

Jump Glass

Fused glass jewellery and accessories using colourful dichroic and/or art glass. I practice different types of layering and etching techniques,creating beautiful and unique wearable art. Each piece is handmade in my home studio.

Laborde Jewelry

Laborde is a Toronto based creative jewellery label, founded in 2009. Drawing inspirations from the corners of the globe where the ancient world meets the industrial revolution.


Life is too short to be lived in black and white when there are an infinite number of colours in the world. Sometimes, a little colour lifts you up from a place and transports you somewhere new and wonderful. I explicitly create simple beads that allow the colour to be the focus. My jewellery designs are modern and simple, allowing the wearer to express their love for fun. I believe that everyone should live their life in colour. I believe that using quality materials, sourced ethically and int


Established in 2013, Muizee by Briar Gorton is a line of playful, whimsical, and timeless pieces designed and made locally in Toronto, Ontario. Muizee’s
aesthetic is informed by Gorton’s previous work experience in architecture, film, design, and photography. The collection is created with a love for minimal, simple, and classic pieces.

VC Jewellery

My Jewellery is the result of forward thinking design mixed with high quality materials and traditional craftsmanship. My goal is to create pieces with style and quality that will last for years to come. I believe wearing jewellery is a form of self expression. By adorning the body we are showing and sharing a piece of ourselves. From the materials I choose, the shapes I sculpt, the textures I apply and in every detail of each piece I create. I express my thought, feelings and moods.