Ali Lamontagne Illustration

Life can be hard and messy. I will not let that be the reason I don’t create art; that is the reason I do create art. I want to make your home and life brighter through my work. Maybe my quirky characters make you smile. Perhaps dancing vegetables are just what your kitchen needs! Escape the mundane and add a little silliness to your day.

Alley Cards

I never studied art or drawing in school but I have always loved to create illustrations. It is an amazing creative outlet for me and can be very therapeutic at times (more often than not). I see my cards as a hobby rather than a business, and this is what keeps me sane!

Anthony Jim

I love to draw the historical buildings while sitting in front of them! I see it as an educational process to bring awareness, and nurture a care and love for our historical buildings. I present these images in pencil sketches to express my feeling, my interpretation, and also demonstrate free hand pencil techniques.