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I.M. Wyred

I. M. Wyred, a collection of expertly knit wire bracelets, arm cuffs, necklaces and earrings in mixed metals and semi-precious stones. Founded by Irene McRae, the name is a combination of her name's initials and that all of designs are inspired by wire. Along with knitted jewellery, I. M. Wyred also designs an array of eco conscience necklaces and earrings using tagua seeds, acai seeds, wood and recycled newspaper. Each piece of jewellery is made by hand locally in Toronto.

Julie Glick

My oil paintings of pets are whimsical and contemporary. They celebrate our indulgences as pet owners and all the wonderful characteristics that we attribute to our animals. My approach to the botanical paintings is at once escapist and contemplative, I am inspired by the plant's physical beauty to create symbols of creation and decline. My porcelain work is, in a way, an extension of my botanical paintings: my clay sculptures and functional pieces are a celebration of organic form and texture.

Kim Ryan Makes

I specialize in creating innovative and wearable designs with both fabric and wool. I use hand-dyed natural materials to create my pieces. By using these processes I aim commemorate the employment of traditional craft-based techniques. My work is primarily concerned with colour, pattern, texture and quality of workmanship. Traditional and contemporary textiles influence my practice. I enjoy creating beautiful and useful items with a function and purpose beyond a merely aesthetic nature.

Laila Goddess Comfortwear

As a Happiness Specialist, Laila’s vision expanded her healing career to include clothing collections that support mature women suffering from daily frumpy blues.

Laila committed to servicing a neglected market with flowing, generously cut, flattering styles in essential wardrobe pieces that make a difference to how you feel in your clothes and how you respond to any reflection that catches your eye.

Laila designs the Signature luxury fabrics which are limited edition and hand printed.

Lisa Young Design

I create each piece myself in my home studio in Toronto. A great sense of colour and design have always been my strengths and I use these to make accessories that are fun, unique and fashionable. The pieces are recreated from old vintage jewelry, watch parts, discarded treasures and other findings. I love being able to give new life to discarded items. I believe that buying eco-friendly jewelry from the artist is better for the environment.

Magic Oven

#deliciouslyhealthy since 1997! Try Magic Oven's wholesome and natural pizza, salads and more at the fair or drop by their East End location at 1450 Danforth Avenue. Vegan and gluten-free options available.

Mich is Hooked

I have always had a passion for things made by hand. Crochet for me began as a hobby which slowly sparked an obsession as a maker. Each piece that I create is an extension of my love for nature and my passion for creating. As I found my rhythm with my hooks, crocheting became a meditative process for me. You will never find me without a crochet hook in hand.


I was born in Japan, and grew up surrounded by the bounty of nature that both nurtured and inspired me. In my homeland I studied the ancient floral art of Ikebana, and this has profoundly influenced my design aesthetic over the last twenty-five years. In 2010 I decided to pursue my interest in pottery.
My work is a unique fusion of hand built and wheel thrown pottery and floral elements. I grow many of my own botanicals while the rest are locally sourced. Along with orchids, succulents and air plants.

Morgan Wolfe Grant

Morgan started studying painting and drawing as a child, but took some time off to focus on music. She has dabbled in acrylic, oil, encaustic, and photography, but has most recently been focusing on watercolour. She's obsessed with painting flora and fauna, including the occasional human.

Naked Dog Bakery

It's nothing but the best for your dog. We use only quality, human grade ingredients. Our treats have no corn, wheat, soy, added sugar or preservatives and contain minimal ingredients. All treats are gluten free and we have grain free options available.

North Shore Glass Studio

My work combines different approaches and glass to create 'emerging patterns' in pieces, some more geometric in form, others flowing from the glass interactions. Some of my pieces are sculptural, but I emphasize creating glass that is both artistic and functional. All of my pieces are fired in a kiln, some multiple times, depending on the desired outcome.


Pomarosa serves up espresso drinks, smoothies, and delicious Venezuelan sandwiches known as arepas from scratch. Check out them out at the Danforth East Arts Fair or at their storefront at 1504 Danforth Avenue.

Press Books.Coffee.Vinyl

My mission is to keep old and damaged vinyl records out of landfills/recycling plants by turning them into bowls, wall hangings, clocks, jewelry and more! I also re-use old books pages too. Last year was a success and music lovers enjoyed my simple yet inexpensive upcycled decor.

Re-Turn Designs

I am a local wood turner who uses mostly found wood to create round wooden things


Rimanchik was founded in 2003, as a partnership between two good friends and has evolved a lot since then, learning, growing and becoming experts in everything needed to make our ideas and dreams a reality.
The name Rimanchik comes from the Quichua language and means 'we & you speak'. This idea of harmony is at the heart of our philosophy, as we strive to fulfill people's daily needs with design that is simple, elegant and a joy to use.

Robert Riley Photography

Its the little things I photograph. It's not the big picture that gets me, it's the small bits and pieces that make up the whole that I seem to find. My photography is a mixture of landscape, cityscape and the minutiae of life.

Sadie’s Stuff

Selected as one of two of this year's Youth Booth artists, Sadie is a 15 year-old high school student whose work consists of sketching, sewing, knitting, sculpting, and painting. She is inspired by the films and costumes of Guillermo del Toro, the stories of Neil Gaiman, the illustrations of Shaun Tan, and Grimm’s Fairy Tales.

"Many people have referred to my work as ‘dolls’, which would imply that they are play things. However, I prefer to think of them as ‘creatures’ as they are often odd and sometimes more dark and/or morbid. My creatures are made of Sculpey (a clay like material), and wire armatures, on which I apply stuffing and hand sewn clothing. Sometimes the method of building the creatures will vary depending on what I want the end result to be. My drawings portray a number of personal characters I have developed as well as written descriptions of each character in a language and an alphabet that I have developed specifically for the characters."

SIIMA handmade

My name is Sona Metcalfe and I live in a beautiful Beaches neighbourhood of Toronto, where I create things that I personally love and use/wear. My son Simon has been an endless inspiration to me and together we make a team.
I love colours, quality and simplicity. Values of fairness, respect and sustainability are coded in my DNA. I use local materials whenever possible. You won't find but fair-trade, organic, and/or ethically sourced materials in my clothing lines.

Skylar Dunk

Selected as this year's Emerging Artist, Skylar Dunk is studying illustration and printmaking at OCAD University.

"I have a passion for hand-made art and craft, where the process is just as important as the end result. I’ve experimented  with a lot of different mediums, but something that I always come back to is printing with silk screens. Combining my illustrations with this printing process makes a great graphic combination, and helps me simplify my own work into its best version. I’ve also began to work with needle felting, and found that was a great way to give my ideas shape and dimension. Whatever medium I’m working in, I try to be involved in my work every step of the way, from design to printing.

Suyin Wai

My work often explores the human condition and its relationship to the world at large. Using chalk paint and other materials, the work is part experiment and part exploration. Like human emotions, sometimes they emerge unexpectedly and we find ourselves having to cope. I try to convey this in my work.

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