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My love for the art of the craft continually drives me to refine my skills and explore the endless possibilities that precious metals provide. My philosophy is to create distinctive pieces that showcase the simple beauty in raw metal and natural gemstones, while adding a modern twist. I am continuously inspired by my everyday surroundings, including nature, architecture and even my toddler.


Selected as one of two of this year’s Youth Booth artists, Ajwad is a grade 10 high school student who has been working in photography for 2 years.

"I've always been drawn to images. Something about a moment forever frozen that really pulls you into the world of a photo. Hopefully [my photos] make the audience feel some form of fleeting emotion when viewing them. These images all
signify the different feelings that we encounter at times. Each image is a different state of mind, whether it be happiness, melancholy or obscurity. If I have made them feel any sort of emotion, then I would say my work is successful."


My work currently focuses on the energy stream of the Universe that penetrate though everything in this world including us. This world of magic and wonder captured my total creative self. This work is very important for me, because the next generation will show the high necessary of understanding the forces surrounding us since humanity is an integral part of the Universe.

Alex Nirta Photography

I've been a photographer for the last 20 years and I enjoy showcasing our beautiful country of Canada. My artwork involves a lot of bright colours as well as long exposures that show the calmness of water and nature that feels like an endless dream. I hope you can enjoy the beauty as I do when I sit behind the camera and capture it.

Ali Lamontagne Illustration

Ali Lamontagne (@ali_stration) is your friendly, neighbourhood (East Toronto) illustrator. It is Ali's personal mission to provide all of the squirrels with hats, all of the bears with skateboards, and all of the vegetables with expressive faces...at least visually, anyway. Ali hopes to put a smile on your face and a splash of fun and whimsy to your home with her quirky, happy art.

Anthony Jim

Why sketch historical buildings?
Whenever I travel to Montreal and Québec City, I see many historical buildings; cultural activities; and community celebrations taking place in those historical buildings. I feel that Toronto lags behind, so in 2003 I started my Riverdale Historical Architectural Art Project.
I love to draw the historical buildings while sitting in front of them! I see it as an educational process to bring awareness, and nurture a care and love for our historical buildings.

Attn2detail Designs

My name is Danielle and I am a proud Mompreneur and work-at-home Mom to two beautiful boys. Although life at home with young kids can be crazy sometimes, I was inspired to start my business Attn2detail Designs in order to be home as they grow. As my brand evolves one thing remains, the detail and quality I devote to my work. I enjoy connecting with customers and creating the perfect pieces for them be it a greeting card, or custom print, the same amount of attention goes in to every piece.

Bella Grey

Bella Grey grew from a not-so-distant time when my life was filled with uncertain and challenging personal circumstances (the end of a lengthy marriage, breast cancer, and the loss of my full-time job, all within a one year period) and my jewellery is very much symbolic of the joy, positivity, strength and resilience I discovered by allowing my creativity to flow freely and guide me through those experiences. It is these powerful forces that I so enjoy sharing with others through my jewellery.

Birdhouse Designs

I provide upcycled and repurposed nesting boxes and feeders for our local songbirds and smiles from customers and passer byes.

Cara Radiance By Nature

Nourish your skin and delight your senses with our natural products made with the finest ingredients and pure essential oils. Experience how our luxurious creams, lip balms, scrubs, and body butters leave your skin feeling luminous and revitalized!

Celena’s Bakery

WELCOME BACK TO TRADITIONAL BAKING. Celena's baking is simple, transparent and delicious. Everything we sell is created, prepared and baked fresh, on site. Our Bakers have creativity, experience and passion.


My name is Chantal and I am a Industrial, and Textile designer living in Toronto, Canada. I'm a graduate of Industrial Design at OCADU, and have always loved making things with my hands. CGMonsters is a unique design line of stuffed worry monsters and baby shoes; all handmade, sewn with an eye for detail, colour, and patterned fabric. I want to display my art work in a way that will invite, teach and show children that there is art in everything.

clothesPeg designs

I design and hand make baby and children's clothing and accessories such as t-shirts, onesies, dresses, jumpers, and vests as well as hair pins and crayon rolls. I take my time choosing the vibrant and fun, high quality fabrics to work with and sew it all myself in my home studio. It all started as self taught experimentation with my sewing machine in my spare time to make gifts for friends and family ... and then it grew into clothesPeg designs.

CSP Arts Embroidery

I honour an ancestral French know-how, my creations will be not only fashion but a work of art. I work with singers, artists, designers and I love exhibit my handembroidered collections at events to meet lovers of arts trades. Since a long time this technique of embroidery is one of the method choice by Haute Couture. I wish to share and teach this technique to continue this knowledge through the new artificial intelligence generation.

Culture Snap Photography

I am moved to reveal individual expression and vibrant community life by photographing street scenes, stage performers, and meaningful interactions of all kinds. Peak moments during public events and layered street scenes that hold tension between objects and symbols are what speak to me the most. Whether capturing taxi drivers in Toronto, or schools in Uganda, I hope to reveal something fresh that provides lasting value to those who engage with my images.

Curious Bird Pottery

Curious Bird Pottery features Handmade Pottery, Ceramic Jewelry and Clocks that are functional, beautiful, and made to be used every day! Bowls and mugs are wheel thrown and sometimes altered while trays, clocks and jewelry are hand built lovingly just for you. Contrasting intricate surface textures with clean forms create modern pieces that hint of traditions from the past.

Dave Rheaume Artist

I paint vintage archival scenes, typically winter ones, and my medium is acrylic paint on canvas.

Dust On My Boots

I’ve become one of those people who carries a camera at all times, and isn’t afraid to use it. My favourite subjects are buildings, graffiti and sunsets, and I enjoy reworking my photos to see what new framings or renderings will create an entirely new work. My current obsession is handmaking photo transfers on wood blocks, which creates an interesting distressed look to the greyscale prints.

East Of York

You know them, you love them. Make sure to stop by to see what EOY has on the menu for us at #DECAF18!


Enarmoured is handcrafted fine art jewellery created by artist Jordan Clarke in Toronto, Ontario. Working with brass, Jordan creates bold, elegant and timeless pieces of small-batch jewellery. Each piece of jewellery, from the initial sketch to completion, is formed lovingly by hand.

Her background in Fine Art informs Jordan’s approach to design. Inspired by art, architecture, nature and the human figure, Jordan’s aesthetic combines simplicity in design with organic, textured surfaces.

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