2016 Exhibitor List


"The Divine word evoked the existence of all things. This is the Force of the liberation of the Breath of Life. The thoughts of the Great Spirit displayed by this Force are expressed in the perceivable form. This form is the self-expression of the artistic Spirit. The expression of this artistic Spirit gives the gift of the realization of the Breathing of Life. We never lose that this is the way..." — Alexander Kastulin

Alley Cards

I never studied art or drawing in school but I have always loved to create illustrations. It is an amazing creative outlet for me and can be very therapeutic at times (more often than not). I see my cards as a hobby rather than a business, and this is what keeps me sane!

Anthony Jim

Why sketch historical buildings? Whenever I travel to Montreal and Quebec City, I see many historical buildings; cultural activities; and community celebrations taking place in those historical buildings. I feel that Toronto lags behind, so in 2003 I started my Riverdale Historical Architectural Art Project. I love to draw the historical buildings while sitting in front of them! I see it as an educational process to bring awareness, and nurture a care and love for our historical buildings.

Attn2detail Designs

My name is Danielle Lewis and I'm a proud Mompreneur in the DECA community. Although working from home with a toddler can be challenging at times, I was inspired to start my business Attn2detail Designs because I wanted to be home for him. With the support of loving friends and family, I have taken on this new adventure full time and hope that you enjoy what Attn2detail Designs has to offer. All items are hand made by me from start to finish, ensuring that the only the highest quality is met.

Bazant Unique Adornments

The 2016 collection is inspired entirely by Lara Bazant`s three-year-old son Max and his deep interest in outer space. Lara's new fascination with the beauty of our universe grows exponentially alongside Max. Each piece is named collaboratively - reminding us to keep exploring and wondering, while remaining connected to the energy and people around us. New and notable for 2016: Orbit Wraps made with recycled leather from a local interior design firm.

Beast York Inc.

An apparel brand established in and inspired by the borough of East York. Do good; be better.

Bella Grey

As an artistic experimenter with no formal training, creative play and positive vision are the guiding forces behind my organic decoupaged beach stone jewellery. Though my first pieces came from experimentation in making something different for myself, the ever-evolving line that is now Bella Grey grew from a time when my life was filled with challenging personal circumstances. My jewellery is very much symbolic of the positivity, strength and resilience I discovered through those experiences.

Binksy & Bobo

After the birth of my son, my fine arts background was combined with a love of sewing to create Binksy & Bobo, a children’s clothing company that produces fun & playful pieces to fit into a child’s daily routine. With an emphasis on ‘fashion meets function’, these are clothes that are reversible and will grow with your child.

Cara’s All Natural Products

Nourish your skin and delight your senses with our 100% natural products made with the finest ingredients and pure essential oils. Experience how our luxurious creams, lip balms, scrubs, and body butters leave your skin feeling luminous and revitalized!

Carter’s Ice Cream

A neighborhood favorite... need we say more.


Hi my name is Chantal and I am the designer of CGMonsters. CGMonsters is a unique design line of Stuffed Monsters and Baby Shoes; all handmade, sewn with an eye for detail, colour, and patterned fabric. The inspiration for my stuffed plush Happy Monsters, and fabric Baby Shoes, comes from all the textures, colours and patterns around me. When I see or find a piece of patterned fabric I love, I instantly want to create a product out of it.

Clayshapes Pottery

I was a journalist and television producer for 30 years before sinking my hands into mud - now I am drawn to telling stories in clay, instead. My pieces are organic in shape, and colour is a big thing for me. I have recently started telling stories in ceramic "paintings" too - I just love the versatility of the medium!

ClothesPeg Design

I am trained and work as a physiotherapist but I have always enjoyed creating handmade items for friends and family. I am a self taught sewer. I started making home decor items and purses at first, then I branched into making baby and children's clothes after so many of my friends started having children. I had so much fun and they were so well received that I decided to try and sell them. and I've stayed with it ever since, with an expanding collection of kids clothes and accessories.

Culture Snap Photography

I am moved to reveal individual expression and vibrant community life by photographing street scenes, stage performers, and meaningful interactions of all kinds. Peak moments during public events and layered street scenes that hold tension between objects and symbols are what speak to me the most. Whether capturing pawnshops in Toronto, or schools in Uganda, I hope to reveal something fresh that provides lasting value to those who engage with my images.

Curious Bird Pottery

Curious Bird Pottery features Handmade Pottery, Ceramic Jewelry and Clocks that are functional, beautiful, and made to be used every day! Bowls and mugs are wheel thrown and sometimes altered while trays, clocks and jewelry are hand built lovingly just for you. Contrasting intricate surface textures with clean forms create modern pieces that hint of traditions from the past.

Dale Evelyn Williams

Making art is always on my mind. I travel with a camera/sketchbook most of the time constantly banking images of what I want to create. I particularly love working with colour. I grew up in an era when most or all children were lead away from making their careers as artists. Times have changed. Though I have oil painted since I was ten years old, and am primarily self taught, I am now seeking additional direction and education in drawing and painting at the Avenue Road School of Art.

Dave Rheaume Artist

The cold, the dark, the snow_Reflections gleaned from childhood memories of growing up in Ottawa haunt the atmospheric paintings Dave Rheaume creates today. Art Noir meets Alex Colville with a distinct cinematic edge; each work a single moody frame, seemingly clipped from a filmstrip, hinting at before and after stories that this narrator/artist leaves open for thought — Araballa Magazine, Winter 2014

Ellen Evered Designs

Ellen Evered Designs offers a collection of lovely patterned greeting cards, textiles, art prints, and stationery. Coming from a family of avid gardeners, I grew up amidst flowers and plants. Although I do not share their green thumb, I am inspired by my natural surroundings, creating patterns of hand drawn lyrical line work and evocative colours. I take my designs and apply them to a variety of items. With my creations, I aim to bring a little bouquet of happiness into your home!


The process of making clothing out of found material is a great way to explore texture, colour, and form while at the same time making something that someone will use/wear/love. It starts with an idea, that gets drafted as a pattern, that then gets filled in with wonderful old found fabrics that turn into delightfully unique garments. Add in a little joy of making and a dash whimsy and boop there you will have a Goldiemilks item.

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